Selling French house & tax due.

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Selling French house & tax due.

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Hello LMH
We are both retired now and thinking of selling our home in France.
I thought I had booked marked a list of tax due when selling, which reduces by the years you have owned the property. Possibly info on a few lap tops ago long gone -:(

Can anyone please help with a link. We are Uk residents.

Looking for links to CGT and Social charges
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Here is a calculator for what you will owe in CGT, assuming the house is not your primary residence: ... mmobiliere

Note that allowable deductions for work done to the property have to be backed up with company invoices and your own bank statements showing payments were made. Failing that you get a flat allowance of 15% to cover any such outgoings, whether there were any or not.
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You will also need to declare the transaction and compute CGT due to the UK using relevant UK rules, though will be able to deduct any French tax already paid. ... %20Capital
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Thank you for the replies.
We are aware re deductions for work completed we have receipts going back 22 yrs for works done.
Our solicitor and accountant will hopefully guide us through the fiscal legalities.
Been a great holiday home for us and our children many happy memories over the years.
Will hold on to our Spanish apartment as long as our health is good.
Thanks again.
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