We've sold Estuary House

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We've sold Estuary House

Post by KathyG »

Looks like we've sold. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Where's that sobbing emoji gone??

I've just spent the last half an hour emailing all the guests booked in for 2022, most had moved from this year, had moved from 2020 so I've had a lot of communication with all of them for a very long time and I'm feeling desperately sad. Sobbing as I write this.

I keep having to remind myself of all the stressful times - pool leaking, heat pump not working, wifi down, ran out of oil, boiler packed up on New Year's Eve, dishwasher not working, power failures and on and on.
Having to deal with all of this from the UK under the pressure of changeover day has been some of the most stressful times in my life.
I'm sitting in the house now looking at the stunning view, knowing that we won't be able to see this again. I'm beyond sad, but know it's the right decision for us now.
Those who have done this too, how did you cope?

And I have to say - Lay My Hat saved my life on many occasions and I thank all of you for all your fabulous input, especially all you old timers for your wonderful humour too!
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Post by CSE »

Well done and enjoy the piece.
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Post by farley »

So sad for you. Its something many of us are contemplating doing Im sure.
I hope the future holds some exciting opportunities for you and that you get to enjoy visiting other owners holiday homes.
All the best and thank you for all your input on the forum over the years.
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Post by roxytoo »

I feel for you Kathy. We are doing the same next year with our apartment in Spain (though we will still keep the house but not rent it out) After 20 years Brexit and Covid (tax laws in Spain now very different if you are non resident and not part of the eu) have made us decide to sell, breaks my heart too!
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Post by paolo »

Focus on the relief from the stress! Thank you for your contribution to the forum, over 3000 posts makes you a top-20 contributor. Good luck with your next adventure.
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Post by Mouse »

Oh Kathy....its a dilemma isn't it and when you do sell of course it's natural that the happy memories and the positives are in your thoughts.

Everything will feel raw for you at the moment but gradually your emotions will adapt. You've had the experience of owning a beautiful property that gave a lot of joy to many people so it will take time to get used to not having it.

For us we were ready to give it up and I walked out without even looking back. But it was an extraordinary time we had whilst there...and I'm sure you will feel better about it as time goes on.

I've loved being your LMH friend...and have enjoyed your contributions of sense and good humour over the years. Thanks Kathy!

Love and hugs
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