Hi, thanks and... straight to it... selling!

If you're buying or selling, tell others about it here. Or ask other owners for advice.
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Hi, thanks and... straight to it... selling!

Post by stuforster »

Hello all, thanks for adding me to the forum (You might want to consider putting some kind of 'hello... I'm new' thread?) and first off, I wish to apologise for using it for just one thing, getting some advice on how to offload a property.
I would lobve to have found the forum sooner actually, as I might have enjoyed using it.

I own a holiday let and run it through a company, It does okay for me but I am not having a great experience with the company, nor some of the 'clients' of it... so... I am thinking about just getting rid of it completely. It's become a burden.

It's in the Irish midlands, it's a very beautiful and very old thatch cottage... it use to be my home with my (now deceased) wife. I'll never move back into it now. It's well placed if you drive and is actually close to the County Longford CenterParcs development, due to open 2019/20 and I am wondering:

1. if anyone has any experience of selling such a property?
2. How to find an estate agent etc.
3. I don't want the furnishing now and want to sell it as a going concern or just a nice second home for someone... and so on.

I basically have no idea.
I am happy to be contacted by PM or just in this thread.

I really have no idea about what to expect on here but it seems a pretty active and friendly forum... so, I thought I would just start here.
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Post by Giraffe »

Hello stuforster. I have no experience of selling in this situation but I remember previous discussion on this site.. If you do a search you may find some useful information. Good luck.
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Post by ianh100 »

Are you looking to sell it as a holiday business? We have had various discussions here before about the value of a proven holiday let business over a normal property, I think the conclusion was that it doesn't really impact the value either way.

Have you asked a local estate agent?
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Post by stuforster »

Hi. Thanks.
I will have to search the forums, for sure.

I am at a very early stage and I am aware that the house is just worth what it is worth as a property, holiday let or not. It does make money but I am just too far away from it to make it an easy task.

I think the problem is I want to sell it furnished and nobody wants a mortgage on furniture so I guess an estate agent will be my next port of call.
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Post by FelicityA »

Hello Stu,

Have you looked at Daft.ie? A lot of the estate agents put property on there but you can also advertise directly. That, you probably don't want to do as you are doing it from a distance but they have a good search place in there to find agents who deal in particular areas. I don't know where you are in Longford so I couldn't look up a particular place but quite a few came up based in Longford town. Sherry Fitzgerald was the only big name I knew which has affiliates in other places round Ireland. If you think it is a house which would appeal to Dubliners as their holiday place in the country then it might be an idea to look at Dublin based agents.

I think you can discount getting any gain from selling it furnished other than the convenience for someone who wanted instant living (using it as a holiday home perhaps). That might draw them in. So, set a price and then say you are throwing in the furniture for free? As you say, who wants a mortgage on the furniture! But you may find that you do a deal on the basis you move everything out of the house and sell it empty. It is not a normal way to make a sale.

I have just noticed that you are near Ballymahon, Then I would also look for estate agents in Athlone, Tullamore and Mullingar.
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Post by stuforster »

Thanks Felicity... this is good advice. I know the name Fitzgerald and think I have even seen their boards around where I used to live.

As I say, I have plenty of time to work this out and the Ballymahon area has a place called Newcastle Forest and this is the site of the new CenterParcs. I suppose I could just let the property out to their staff b ut imagine that it would add a lot to a 'ready to go' holiday let for weekending in the park too, as well as it being pretty central and a short hop to a lot of more major places.

Food for thought... thanks again.
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