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casasantoestevo wrote:
we have done over the past 25 yrs, but its a long slow process
Sounds extremely slow to me. May you should write a book about it over that time you must have many a story to tell of the ups and downs.
Maybe slow to you but with a barn to convert, 2 houses to completely renovate including roofs, 2 swimming pools to construct, run a business importing and installing solar panels, raising 2 kids, creating an art studio and gallery and running art courses, having some holidays, and waiting for cashflow for the next part of the project to start (one year we had enough money over to order 16 cu m of redimix!) then yes the time has been "occupied".
No time to write a book and frankly the upsides outweigh the downs by a very large amount otherwise sensible people stop.
We both wouldn't have it any other way and it has certainly has brought myself and my lovely wife closer together sharing a common goal and vision for our family.
What would Plato do ?
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