Pevensey Bay

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Pevensey Bay

Post by Charlie97 »

This property looks ideal internally, is 7 minute walk from the sea. But is the outside and surrounding area very off putting.

It is on the beachlands estate in Pevensey, quite iconic, but quiet quirky.

Will this get rentals? ... 65392.html

Thanks in advance
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Post by russellt »

I don't think there is a formula, as such.

Every purchase is an individual decision. Eg, some would argue that being in the centre of a tourist area is ideal. Others would argue the complete opposite. So, it is best to try to get to know the local market.

It also depends on how much time/effort you can afford to put into building the business.

Sorry, not the most definitive answer, I'm afraid.
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Post by kathiejs »

Although it's nicely decorated I have to say it would not appeal to me (mature couple). Apart from the rather depressing surroundings I would be concerned about noise from the railway line. The 2nd bedroom isn't really big enough to be a double, so I don't think you'd get 2 couples, just families. And with more than 2 people I would want a 2nd toilet. I'm sure some people would rent it, but I suspect it would need to be keenly priced.
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