Holiday cottage west wales

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Holiday cottage west wales

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Hi all

We have had a offer excepted on a cottage in west wales, we are totally new to holiday rentals, although have been doing long term rent for a year, we are revisiting the cottage on Wednesday with a rep from a holiday letting company, what questions should we ask? And as the cottage has a stream about ten feet wide and fast flowing is there health and safety issue? Also any other things we should be a wear off.

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T-Rev, if you look at the entries on the "Just Starting Out" thread you will find similar questions to yours and lots of useful answers.

As for the stream I would anticipate health and safety issues, particularly for children. I have a tiny stream bordering my land. This is bordered by a wall and a gate around the formal garden which allows a safe area for children and vulnerable adults. All potential visitors are made aware of the stream's locality.
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Thanks have though about stream we will put decking out there fully fenced so should be safe, if all goes to plan!!! We should be up and running by August so will miss a lot off the season, may not do fencing until Jan Feb time ready for next year, just do late bookings and special offers to try get something up and running, but will put advisory regarding stream, we will see what agent recommends tomorrow, may have to do something temporary for now.
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We too are in West Wales - we have a lake and also a stream running through our grounds. Neither are fenced off, but all guests are aware of them and the need for children to be supervised at all times. We have appropriate signage up. Also, our insurers are aware of the layout and situation so we are covered.

Good luck with your new venture!
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