Forum rules - please read

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Forum rules - please read

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Forums work best when some simple guidelines are observed. Please read through these basic rules before you post:

1. Be nice! It is fine to attack an opinion but not the person expressing it. Some forums are spoiled by bickering among its users. Rude posts will be deleted.

2. No advertising please. Any posts that advertise a product or service with which you are associated may be removed. You may post clickable links if you are a known, active forum member, where appropriate to the topic, but not for self-promotion. If I think you are only posting to get some traffic to your site, I will delete your posts at my discretion.

3. You may not use the Private Message or Email capability to send unsolicited commercial messages to members. In other words, no spamming!

4. If you are posting to recommend or give an opinion on a listing site or other service, please include a link to your own website or listing site ad in your profile - so we know you are a rental owner, and not the listing site owner! The site or ad you link to should include your name and contact information, and the site being recommended must have its contact information publicly viewable.

5. Signatures. If you are linking to a commercial site (i.e. not a personal website for your property), you may not add explanatory text relating to that website in your signature. You may not link to more than one such site.

Membership is intended for rental property owners only. Listing sites can join only for a right to reply or to explain any misunderstandings on the functioning of their site.
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